Nicola and David Finch
A bit about who we are and how we live . . . 

Nicola Finch is a visual & performing artist with a background  in theatre, health care and non-profit management. 

Nicola manages the online gallery, storefront and all email communications for touch wood rings & meadow ranch.

Craftsman and artisan David Finch, works in a variety of mediums as a designer, artist & builder.  He creates functional and wearable wood art.. His custom made wooden rings offer a thoughtful and beautiful alternative to traditional rings.   Recognizing the care, skill, and love that goes into everything David creates; people are often deeply affected when they see and handle his work

This website and our lives are powered by the sun!   
We live and work 'way out in the middle of nowhere' at the edge of an historic hay meadow on a high plateau in the Cariboo Chilcotin.  Any power we use is generated by our solar panels. Our hot water comes from either the water tank tucked in next to the wood furnace or our nifty on demand propane hot water heater. To heat our home and our shop we rely on wood from blow down & bug killed trees.  We use our wood cook stove right through the year.  Food never tasted so good.  It's a good life.  Over the years we've shared our lives with a flock of  sheep (so few that we gave them all names), a couple of delightful middle-aged dogs, and lots of wild critters who have called this place home forever! 

Remembered and loved ~ our dear old pups Kali and Jenny

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Our Touch Wood Gallery features David's handcrafted wooden rings.  
the warmth of wood! 

David and Nicola Finch
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