Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

Just for Fun.  All about how Touch Wood Rings are the perfect gift for any anniversary!  

First Paper A Birch Wood ring, the original paper
Second Cotton How about a cottonwood ring
Third Leather Some dark wood looks like leather
Fourth Fruit / Flowers How about fruit wood - cherry wood rings are beautiful
Fifth WOOD TOUCH WOOD A wooden ring is the perfect 5th anniversary gift
Sixth Candy / Iron A Touch wood ring as eye candy or how about an ironwood ring
Seventh Wool / Copper Be wild and wooly - get a copper toned Koa wood ring
Eighth Bronze / Pottery A little pottery or bronze box to present a beautiful wooden ring
Ninth Willow Incorporate some willow wood in your ring
Tenth Tin / Aluminum 5 years + 5 years  = 10 so why not commission two wooden rings
Eleventh Steel Steel yourself ~ she's going to love her Touch Wood Ring
Twelfth Silk / Linen Silk made by worms . . . how about wormwood rings
Thirteenth Lace Present her wooden ring wrapped up in pretty lace
Fourteenth Ivory Juniper, birch and beech have an old ivory look to them
Fifteenth Crystal Perhaps a tiny crystal dish to hold your custom made wood ring 
Twentieth China Yes, we do ship our wood rings to China!
Twenty-fifth Silver A silver birch wood ring 
Thirtieth Pearl Consider a hand crafted custom wood ring as an environmentally and socially responsible alternative to precious metals and gems.  Touch Wood Rings are beautiful, durable, warm to the touch and light to wear.   
Thirty-fifth Coral
Fortieth Ruby
Forth-fifth Sapphire
Fiftieth Gold
Fifty-fifth Emerald
Sixtieth Diamond

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