Our greatest satisfaction comes from heart-warming comments like these; written by folks like you.  Here are some of your comments to us.  With gratitude . . . . Nicola & David  TOUCH WOOD

She loves it.  Thank you for everything you did making the ring and getting it to me in time before I left for the Navy.  Thank you!!  We are so glad that we found a ring that she can wear because of her sensitive skin.  I think that I will be getting a ring soon to match hers.  Thank you for everything.  When will the ring be on the website.  LOL.   (and, a note from his sweetheart)  I love this ring not only because it is unique and beautiful, but because I can wear it. I am allergic to metal so I haven't been able to wear jewelry. I was so thrilled when he found your web site. Thank you so much.

The rings arrived yesterday and they're beautiful!  Your work is impressive and we love the way the wood shimmers!  Thank you so much!  We've told several people about your unique company - best wishes to you both.

Let me say thanks !!! First off. *WOW** is this thing light !!!!! :-)  It feels very different wearing it. More so than any ring I have worn. It looks great. Exactly like I was expecting.  Thanks !  I've had several people ask what it was. Everyone seems amazed that it's made out of wood. :-) Sent a few people links to your site as well.

Thank you so much for all your help getting us an amazing ring.  My fiancé loves it and wants to wear it all the time (I told him he had to wait until after the wedding).  The ring is just beautiful and I am positive you will be getting more orders once we show it off!  Thank you again for an amazing job and great help in making our wedding even more beautiful.

I cannot tell you how delighted I was to stumble across your beautiful work in the process of looking for the perfect wedding ring. Finding a ring that is unique, affordable, AND eco-friendly is truly a gift, and I am excited to share my "discovery" with others. Kudos to you for starting a revolution in a jewelry industry riddled with bad karma! . . . 
Our rings have arrived - simply beautiful and beautifully simple - I could not be more delighted! The craftsmanship is just breathtaking. Many many thanks for the part you have played in making this engagement something we feel good about not only personally, but also morally and socially. We will certainly be frequenting your site again and recommending it to others, as we have been. Stay in touch!!

The rings were waiting for us when we arrived home yesterday. They are absolutely perfect! We both love them!

Hey Nicola, Thanks once again for the expeditious response, it would be different world if every business were as conscientious as you are. Thanks for doing this for me, I know you could have just said it was impossible. It really means allot.

I got the ring yesterday. It came out really pretty. Thank you for the great job you did. I got it for a wedding ring and my fiancé liked it so much that he might get one too. We will have to see what he decides. Thanks again.  

(He did decide he wanted one - the reverse of mine) We received his ring  yesterday. We absolutely love it. Thanks again for all the hard work and care you put into both rings. Also thanks for getting his ring here so quickly.

Well, the house is jumping here. I just LOVE my beautiful ring. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. Such a lot of love and care goes into the making. I found it most interesting.  ... (a month or so later) Just to give you an update on my lovely ring . . . everyone without exception thinks it's just beautiful!  No one has ever seen a wooden ring before, nor had I until this.  I wish to thank you both most sincerely once again.  

Our rings are magical! Actually, the whole presentation of our rings was very sweet and thoughtful. I sent ... his ring right away, he was sooo excited. I'm happy to say that both our rings fit nicely. ... said "Being so far away from home and loved ones is very challenging but wearing my ring, having that bond, feeling still connected in a way really helps". It's very true, our rings represent the warm feelings we have for each other and the great times we've shared throughout the last three years. I'm so glad we came across your web site, generic store bought rings just wasn't going to cut it. We would like to thank both of you again so very much. Take care!

Wow! You guys are amazing! Our rings are beautiful! Thank you so much. I can tell David put a lot of time and care into our rings and I really appreciate that. Thank you again and again.

Your creation is beautiful, and your gesture is so very much appreciated. I am some what speechless.  I was in retail for over 20 years and I want to thank you for your professionalism and attentiveness. There is nothing better than good customer service. It is very much appreciated. . . . The rings arrived on Friday, we saw them last night when we got back from our weekend. The rings are AWESOME!! You guys have been so enjoyable to work with. The workmanship is beautiful and the service was tremendous. Thanks so much again for all your efforts.

Oh my GOSH - that's beautiful!  I love the contrasting colours and the grains . . . that is absolutely perfect!

We just wanted to let you know that the rings arrived yesterday. They're beautiful... we're very excited about them, and can't wait until our wedding when we'll be able to wear them! We'd like to thank you again for all of your help. When we started thinking about rings, we had no idea how we were going to find some symbol that felt right... it was a big relief and a great pleasure to connect with you. What you do and how you live is very inspiring, and we wish you all the best. 

Thanks for the photos of the process. I eagerly await more. A picture is worth so many words.   I see art and science and physics all happening at once . . . The ring is beautiful!  

The ring that my fiancé had made for me is absolutely beautiful.  What a great idea!  I have had a chance to look at the pictures and descriptions of the making of my ring as well and find it fascinating. Thanks for contributing to our engagement and making it unique.

I got my beautiful rings today...they're really gorgeous - thank you so much!!  J also says 'thank you' - he thinks the rings are great. I saw a friend of mine today who is recently engaged, and I told him about your rings...he sounded really interested, and I forwarded your website to him.   I just think that the whole idea of your rings and products is so wonderful.  Everyone I tell thinks so too!

I got the ring just before we left -- it's incredibly beautiful. Just what I was looking for.

 I really like the ring- I don't think he has taken it off since I gave it to him!  I love the work you do and appreciate the ring a lot!  Truthfully, I have always been skeptical about purchasing over the internet - but I am glad I did.

We received our rings and they are fantastic!  We're both enjoying them very much -  Thank you and take care!

I received the ring this morning (excellent delivery time). Honestly that is better than what I imagined. If I could have picked a ring out that is the one I would have chosen. Unbelievable work! It is very light which I didn't fully expect and that is a good thing for it hardly feels like you're wearing it. Great job once again. I've told many people about your work and site so hopefully a few order rings or other things.  Thanks for everything.

I got back yesterday and have now seen the ring.  It really, really looks fabulous.  It's simply resplendent and the packaging is very thoughtful as well.  Thanks a million and I'm sure my sweetheart will love the ring.  Blessings and warm regards.

Dear Nicola and David.  The rings that you have suggested sound perfect.  Both of us have looked over the examples that you sent along and we very much agree that the rings you have proposed making are the right ones for us.  We certainly look forward to wearing them.  I would once again like to thank you for taking the time to really make this a personal
endeavorThe world and it's people today seem at a disconnect and it is refreshing to meet people who take the time to make a connection and really interact in a way that can only be described as genuine and caring.  Thank you. 

This is fantastic. Thanks so much for the pictures. It's great to see my ring developing.   I really feel this ring has good karma, and I feel so happy to have made a socially responsible purchase!  . . .
I came home from work today and my ring had arrived - it is beautiful and it fits perfectly! I just could not be happier. I can tell that it was made with care and attention and this will add a very personal touch to my wedding day - thank you for being a part of our celebration.

I received the ring today.  I absolutely love it!  I may order a denim pine ring for myself before the end of the month.  I can't believe how beautiful that wood is.   . . .  I just got back from visiting my boyfriend and I am happy to say that he LOVED the ring!!  And it fit perfectly! Thank you so much assisting me in providing him such a wonderful gift.

My ring is absolutely gorgeous.  I love how David was able to capture the blues and pinks in the pine. Thank you again for the beautiful ring.  You cannot believe how many compliments I've received.  Someone even mistook the ring for stone!!!!  My boyfriend and I wear our rings almost everyday.  It's much more comfortable and lighter than wearing a conventional gold or silver ring.  And because we love our wooden rings so much, we have tossed around the idea of having non-conventional wedding bands as well.  I'll be sure to keep you posted on that. :)

I love my ring!  Now for my second order, I think I want two more rings!  I am very happy and am excited to have more of your rings. I can't thank you enough for all the help you have graciously given me.   I saw a wood ring on someone, and I loved it, and I randomly found your website and I thought it was great!  I have never ordered so casually through the internet before and was of course sceptical about it, but you have relieved all my doubts.  I am happy to give you my business and will be happy to refer you and David to others.  This is really great!

Very cool.  Very very cool.  Thanks: the rings are absolutely right. They are beautiful.  She was thrilled to say yes and thrilled to wear your ring. I hope all is well with you.

I got the ring and it is amazing. What a good job you do!!! Much thanks for your wonderful skill. 

It's here....it's here!!!!! Got the ring yesterday. I LOVE IT!!!! I am so glad I ordered this!!! It's beautiful!!  Wore it last night and am already getting comments on it. Thank you again for all your help. I truly appreciate it.  It's an extra special touch to see the ring while it's being worked on. The pics you send of the final product were great and the actual ring didn't disappoint at all. Once again, thanks for everything.

The rings are here!  They were in the mailbox yesterday, which I thought was quite a speedy delivery!  They look great!  Thanks for the nice gift box, too!  It's still a secret from my partner.  I tried on mine though, and it fits well.  I'm so looking forward to finally sharing the secret and being able to wear our gorgeous matching wooden rings!  It was hard to close and wrap up the box and not just admire the rings for longer... Thanks again, and I'll see if I can get you a digital photo of us wearing them!

We received the rings yesterday, and we were so pleased! They look just Great, they feel so good also ! Thanks again for your amazing job.

The ring just arrived! It's so beautiful, I love it.  And all the extra work you guys put in is very much appreciated.  Everything went perfectly, and my girlfriend loved the ring. She wanted to thank you both for all the extra effort you put in.  I showed it to my parents this weekend and they love it too.  I just bought a diamond ring, which is great, but in some ways it can't compare to the original.  


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