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wooden rings with single spiraled inlays
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A statement of simplicity and natural beauty.

Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring with inlaid lava rock
Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring with Inlaid bands of Lava Rock

 olive wood ring
Russian Olive Wood Ring, tapered

Juniper heart wood wedding rings lined with Bird's Eye Maple

Koa, ash, purple heart, juniper heart wood and birds eye maple wood wedding rings 

Enjoy the process of designing your own ring, choosing your woods, picking a profile and the width and feel for your ring or for the ring you're designing for someone you love.  Be part of the creation.

Read about where our woods come from, learn about the mythic and spiritual qualities of woods you may want to include in your ring, and let us tell you a bit about how we strive for a lighter footprint in everything we do.  
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wooden rings custom designed
Touch Wood Rings  
 Choose wood you love and David will craft it into a ring of your own design.  

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