Meticulously hand crafted wooden rings by Canadian artist & craftsman;
David Finch

Bethlehem Olive Wood Rings with Black Walnut wood inlays

Many examples of our custom made Wood Rings 
can be seen at our gallery and on our blog.

Custom designed Bamboo Rings with inlaid Hawaiian Koa Wood
Bamboo Rings with Hawaiian Koa wood inlays from Touch Wood Rings  

Touch Wood Rings are designed by our clients as engagement rings, wood wedding bands, 5th anniversary wooden rings, commitment and hand fasting rings.  Wooden rings are also commissioned as memorial and celebration rings.

The work displayed in our gallery and on our blog are examples of David's custom made wooden rings.  Each ring has been designed by and created for an individual or a couple who came to us looking for a finely crafted wood ring.     

 We work with you throughout the process of creating your rings.  We expect you to ask questions.  We are happy to communicate with you until you are completely satisfied with your wood choices and your design. 

 It's a lovely thing to create something so personal for people - we thoroughly enjoy this work and we look forward to putting our work in your hands and our rings on your fingers. 

Hawaiian koa and  African black wood ring with Lapis Inlay

Visit our gallery at

When you first contact us, please put 'touch wood' or 'wood rings' in the subject line of your email.  Thanks very much!
a meadow morning

This website, our work and our lives are powered by the sun! 


David and Nicola Finch
Box 4744, Williams Lake
British Columbia
Canada V2G 2V7

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